Biosecurity Training

Biosecurity is a everyone’s responsibility.

Use these videos to train others or refresh your biosecurity knowledge and avoid biosecurity breakdowns. At PIC, the primary focus of our Health Assurance team is to maintain a high health status of the PIC system, to protect our customers’ herds and share our knowledge with the industry.

Before entering a PIC-Farm visitors must review Biosecurity Training Video 1 – 3.

Biosecurity Video 1 – BEFORE ENTERING THE FARM
Animal health is a priority in a pig production unit.

Biosecurity Video 2 – CLEAN AND DIRTY LINES
Knowing and understanding the definition of the areas, as well as the perimeters that delimit them, is essential to practice and maintain biosecurity.

Biosecurity Video 3 – ENTERING THE FARM
Only the people that are essential for the operation of the pig farms must be allowed to enter.
To reduce the risk of potential introduction of infectious agents that compromise pig health and welfare, it is necessary to strictly comply with all biosecurity procedures.